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Hotel Chocolat at Easter - Feature

Hotel Chocolat at Easter

This year, Hotel Chocolat is opening its doors (and factory) to Channel 4 for what is going to be their biggest Easter ever.

There has never been more pressure, excitement and expectation on this year’s launch, so the teams are going all out to design and make their most imaginative, delicious range yet.

Across this series, we’ll follow a whirlwind of activity as CEO Angus Thirlwell and his dedicated team plan, prep and launch flagship Easter products. Featuring secret design labs and big factory tours, we’ll revel in the ingenious procedures and creative flourishes behind these chocolates.

Over this series – timed perfectly for March ‘22 – we’ll reveal the mouthwatering details of Angus’ sprawling chocolate empire at Easter.

Being on the shoulder of Angus and his top team, we’ll follow the big decisions that have a big impact on the business – including the design of a new flagship Easter egg, the construction of an epic new wing to the factory and Hotel Chocolat’s new venture in Ghana – which is not only good for the company, but for the planet too.

Throughout, we’ll also focus on the everyday dramas going on across one of the nation’s best-loved high street brands – being party to grand store openings, quirky and imaginative marketing campaigns and the all important shop floor sales.

Full of wonder, celebration and hopefully a good news story for the British high street – this is egg-xactly what we need to get in the mood for Easter.