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Our Farm in the Dales: Season 2 - Feature

Our Farm in the Dales: Season 2

Matt’s parents, Janice and Mike, live on an organic sheep farm that dates back to the 1600s. Matt still plays a very active role in running the farm, but recent circumstances dictated his role was about to get a lot more intense. Last summer, Matt received a call that would lead him to move his wife and two children north to run the farm.

Determined to keep farming, the Bakers knew they had to make some changes. Returning to the farm with his family, Matt was faced with the challenge of keeping the remote farm running and helping his mum overcome injuries from her accident.

During the six episodes, we follow three generations of Bakers round the farmhouse table as they make big decisions for the future of the farm and Matt repairs, reuses and recycles his way through a hefty to do list.