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Our Dream Farm with Matt Baker - Feature

Our Dream Farm with Matt Baker

Around a third of Britain’s farmland is rented to tenant farmers, in ‘Our Dream Farm’ Matt Baker heads to Northumberland, to a vacant farm on the Wallington Estate where the landlords, The National Trust, are searching for a new tenant.

On offer is a 10 year lease for 340 acres of grassland, woods, wetland and a fully refurbished, four bedroom traditional farmhouse. Seven applicants all with hopes and dreams of calling this place home and making a living from the land, have been shortlisted by The National Trust to spend 3 weeks working on the farm, demonstrating they have what it takes to be awarded this life changing opportunity and be chosen as the next tenant.

In each episode Matt will follow the process as the applicants are tasked with a variety of farm jobs, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities handling livestock, hosting farm visits and improving the land for nature and wildlife to thrive – all under the watchful eye of the National Trust. As well as working on the farm the applicants have all submitted a business plan setting out their vision for the farm’s future. Across the series they’ll be invited to attend a crucial meeting to pitch their vision at the estate’s manor house and historic headquarters.

Deciding who will be awarded the tenancy is the Wallington Estate’s General Manager, Sally Richards and Giles Hunt, the Land and Estates Director for the whole of the National Trust. Having seen the applicants in action and scrutinised their business plans, they have the difficult task of deciding who should stay and who should go as they whittle the shortlist down to the final 3. Only one can be awarded the tenancy and Matt will be alongside the applicants throughout to lend a supportive hand as they discover if they have what it takes to be chosen as the new tenant.

All episodes available on catch up on Channel 4